Voice Recording


Vital Tactics:

  • Relax, your recordings will be trimmed and cleaned-up if needed before they go into the site, so don’t worry if you sneeze part way through, just repeat your last sentence and carry on.
  • If you’re using the mic built in to your machine, try and locate it and ensure it’s as close to you as comfort will allow.  (not all machines have built-in mic’s, but all will have the ability to accept a wired mic)
  • Please begin each card recording by saying the card number: e.g. “Card four-thirty-seven … aches of his body …



Five Ways to Record Your Voice:

1. In a studio

2. On a Mac

3. On an iPhone

4. On a Windows PC

5. On a BlackBerry















Recording in a studio:

We have an arrangement with a fine, cozy recording studio on Queen East.

Just let us know  – then book a time, walk in, read your card(s), and walk out.













Recording on a Mac:

(Use QuickTime to create audio files, and email them to Martha)

1. Open the QuickTime Player;

2. Under the File menu choose New Audio Recording


3. Depending on your version of QuickTime, it will either begin recording automatically, or wait for you to press the record button.


4. Playback and re-record until you’re happy.

5. note:  Again, depending on your version, QuickTime will either automatically save your recordings to (likely) your Movies folder, OR will  ask you to save the file yourself, in whatever location you choose.

6. Email the audio file to Martha – attach the file(s) to an email.  The Audio Recording files(s) will either be in your Movies folder, or whatever location you chose.










Recording on a Windows PC:

(Use Sound Recorder to create audio files, and email them to Martha)

1. Load the program named Sound Recorder; it’s usually inside Programs, Accessories, and sometimes deeper in Entertainment …

2. Press the red circle to start recording – it becomes a square (for stop) once you start. (see tactics above for help)

In some versions of this program, it will prompt you to save the file as soon as you stop.  In older versions, you will need to manually Save and then choose New under File to clear it for another recording.

3. Be aware of WHERE the files are saved – you may want to save to your Documents, or some other place that’s easy to find later.

4. Send the file(s) to Martha as an attachment to an email.












Recording on your iPhone:

  • Locate the Voice Memo app on your phone (ignore the images here, they are for older iPhones)


  • Press the red button to record, again to stop / pause
  • Press the small speaker button to Save / listen / delete
  • Once done, ‘Share’ the file(s) by emailing
  • note: Make sure the ‘Speaker’ button in the playback screen is blue, in order to properly hear your playback.













Recording on your BlackBerry:

(Create Voice Note(s) and email to Martha)

1. Locate the Voice Notes Recorder – usually inside Applications, or sometimes in Media.

2. Record, playback and re-record until you’re happy with it.  (see tactics at the top of this page for hints)

3. Exit the recorder and move over to Voice Notes to see / re-hear your notes.

4. To email a voice note, highlight it, press the BlackBerry menu button, scroll down to find Send.  You know the rest …

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